Tuesday, December 2, 2008

my homework that's on my blog!

Philo Farnsworth.

Philo Farnsworth was born in 1906 August 19th and died in 1971 March 11 so he was 64 when he died. Philo Farnsworth is known as the man that was the inventor of the first electronic television, over 300 United States and foreign Patents. He made the world's first working television system with electronic scanning of both the pickup and display devices, which he first demonstrated to news media on September 1, 1928, televising a motion picture film.
In 1930, after a visit to Farnsworth's laboratory, Vladimir Zworykin copied this apparatus for RCA, though he found it impractical and returned to his work on the iconoscope. The U.S. Patent Office rendered a decision in 1935 that the "electrical image" of Farnsworth's image dissector was not in Zworykin's inventions, and priority of that invention was awarded to Farnsworth. In other words Zworykin did not get a reward for copying Farnsworth’s invention. On September 7
, 1927, Farnsworth's Image dissector camera tube transmitted its first image, a simple straight line, at his laboratory at 202 Green Street in San Francisco. The source of the image was a glass slide, backlit by an arc lamp. This was due to the lack of light sensitivity of the Image Dissector tube design, a problem Farnsworth never managed to resolve independently. By 1928, Farnsworth had developed the system sufficiently to hold a demonstration for the press - 2 years after John Logie Baird had demonstrated his mechanical Television system in London. His backers had demanded to know when they would see dollars from the invention. The first image shown to them was a dollar sign. In 1929, the system was further improved by elimination of a motor generator the television system now had no mechanical moving parts. That year, Farnsworth transmitted the first live human images using his television system, including a three and a half-inch image of his wife, Pem (with her eyes closed because of the blinding light required). Farnsworth worked out the principle of the image dissector television camera at age 14, and produced the first working version at age 21. A farm boy, his inspiration for the scanning lines of the cathode ray tube (CRT) came from the back-and-forth motion used to plow a field. During a patent lawsuit against RCA in 1935, his high school chemistry teacher, Justin Tolman, reproduced a drawing that Farnsworth, when he was just 14, had made on the blackboard at the school. Farnsworth won the suit and was paid royalties but never became wealthy. The video camera tube developed from a combination of the work of Farnsworth and Zworykin, was used in all television cameras until the late 20th century, when alternate technologies such as charge-coupled devices started to appear.Farnsworth developed the "image oscillite", a cathode ray tube receiver that could display images captured by the image dissector. Farnsworth also invented the Farnsworth-Hirsch Fusor. Here are some pictures of Farnsworth’s inventions and him. I am now done! SmileyCentral.com Bibliography:http://images.google.co.nz/images?hl=en&q=Philo+Farnsworth&gbv=2 http://images.google.co.nz/images?gbv=2&hl=en&safe=active&q=Philo+Farnsworth+TV http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philo_Farnsworth http://42explore.com/electric2.htm

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I love Basketball!!!! It's my favourite sport and my brother's favourite sport too! First it started off with my brother LOVING Basketball and one day when he was practicing I went outside and asked him If I could have a go and on my first shot I GOT IT IN THE HOOP!!!!! My brother said to me hey your pretty good and that's when I started LOVING Basketball too!!! So this year at school I wanted to try out for the Basketball team but I forgot to hand in my permission slip and money! OH NO!!! So now I'm going to wait until next year to get in the Basketball team and to do that I'll have to practice, practice, PRACTICE!!!!! I'll have to keep on pushing harder and I'll be in next year's Basketball team!!!! But for now you should check out my Basketball SMILEYS!!!!
Basketball Basketball 8 Basketball 1 Basketball 4 Basketball 5 Basketball 6 Sporty Basketball 7

Gymnastics Scores!

Hello everybody! It's Amy here. I think some of you know that I went to the Champions of Champion Competition! I can tell you the scores right now because I only got the today and I'm soooo excited!! So here are the scores!
For the year 6 boys Dean came 1st in the individuals, and the boys team came 1st in the team scoring! For the year 5 girls Jessica came 10= in the individuals and the girls team came 4th in the team scoring if the girls scored 1 point and something else more we would of come 3rd! But oh well! in the individuals Demi came 25th Zoe came 24th and I came 21st!!! I was soo happy! My total score was 25 point something... I kinda forgot oops! Oh well I'm really happy that I got 21st out of i think 30 something people! I thought the gymnastics competition was awesome!

I gotta go now bye!

Monday, September 8, 2008


On Friday there is going to be a Gymnastics Competition and it's called Champion of the Champions or something like that. Anyway there are 5 people from the Year 5 group when there's only supposed to have 4 but a girl in my class called Demi and I scored the same score so our gym teacher Mrs McKenzie (also my year5 teacher!) has got special permission to take 5 of the year 5s so there is only 4 year 6s! I feel so lucky anyway it's getting late now gotta go to sleep bye! (*!check out my gymnastics smileys!*)


the parralal bars were the closest I could get to the real 1 bar! But it's still cool!!!

Anyway gotta go now bye!

My Smileys!

Have you checked out my talking Smileys??? If you haven't then just look at my sidebar and then you press play and then... THE SMILEYS TALK!!!!!!!!!! I got the smileys like last Friday and I might of had some fun with them and so i put some on my blog! If you want Smileys then you should ask your parents to see if you can install Smiley or not if you can GREAT!!!!!!!!!! You'll have lots of fun with them!!!! I would show you my favourote Smiley but I'llo it some other time or maybe I'll do it now just refresh your page in 2 minutes then you'll see my favourite Smiley!

Friday, September 5, 2008


Thank you everyone for commenting on my blog! I've really appreciated all the people who had a look at my blog, and commented on it I don't mind the anonymous comments and i don't really mind people from all over the world seeing my blog! I hope the people that have been on my blog have enjoyed reading about me! If you want to learn about some of my school life and my regular life you can go on my second blog! My last post has the link of it! If you can't be bothered looking then here's the link. http://lifeandschoolisfun.blogspot.com anyway thanks to everyone who commented on my blog!

Have a nice day and Bye!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My Second Blog!

Hi There! Yesterday I made a second blog and it's called Life and School Is Fun! Or was it school and life is fun? Well anyway that doesn't matter because you'll find out when I give you the link and then when you click it, it will take you to the Blog and then you'll see my title so that's not a problem! Well atleast I hope not! But if you've seen my other blog already but i doubt you will and you like this blog more then don't worry I just made the second blog for fun if you comment and say this blog is better don't worry i won't get mad!!!!! :)
So have fun on my 2 blogs!

Oops forgot to tell you my link to my second blog!:( I'll tell you now!

It is: http://lifeandschoolisfun.blogspot.com have fun on it!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


The Year 5 Speeches are done and I made my speech about convincing a person to wright a speech with my 10 tips! I thought i did preety well on my speech except I didn't get into the finals oh well! At least i got it over and done with! So next I think I know what I'm going to wright my speech about.

Talk to you l8er!!!!(l8er is later!)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Year 5 Speeches

Hi! It's Amy here and I've got to get ready for the speeches in term 3! So anyway on the last day of Term 2 Mrs McKenzie told Room 4 that our homework in the holidays was thinking of what we are going to write a speech about! Well like 2 minutes ago I went on my friend Fletcher's blog, and he needed help on what to do his speech on and I gave him a little tip, and while I was typing the tip I thought the tip actually helped me a little and now I know what I'm going to do my speech on! So after the speech I'll write all about it and then you can see how I did!!


Friday, July 4, 2008

New Friends!

As you know I'm in Room 4 and I've not only seen my old friends that were in Room 16 with me last year but I've made new friends. This was practically what happened! First day of year 5 really excited but nervous as well. I went in Room 4 saw all of my friends and I didn't really talk to anyone except for Morgan, Tarran and Fletcher.Then it was like the 7th week of Term 1 and that's when I started playing with Alysha, Alice and other people that I knew in Room 16 other then Fletcher, Morgan and Tarran. So it came to Term 2, I was happy to be back from the holidays. Once again I saw all my friends, I also moved desks so now I sit opposite Courtney and I made friends with her!Few weeks after it was week 4 and then that's when I played with Zoe and Lucy for the first time and I liked playing with them so slowly became friends! Few weeks after I started playing with some boys like Zane, Jack, Chris and others! That's when I kind of stopped playing with Morgan, Fletcher and Tarran and then I felt all oozy inside so one day I said to them can I play with you at lunch and they said sure! So far I'm friends with everyone in Room 4 and year 5 is awesome!!!!!